Today You Get This $17.95 Premium, Customizable,
RFID-Blocking Card Sleeve Pack
For Free!
The Simple Way To Protect Your Bank Account And Your Identity
For Home Or Abroad: Travel With Peace Of Mind.
What Does RFID Mean And Why Does It Matter To Me?
Radio Frequency IDentification is technology that allows almost any object to be wirelessly identified. Basically, if an object is RFID-equipped then data can be transferred from it via radio waves (ie. credit card info or passport info).

This matters to you because if any of your cards have tap-to-pay technology (RFID tech) or you have a recent passport then you should be protecting them from thieves...

Even if skimming is rare, it's just super easy to cover them up and give you peace of mind... plus when they're free it's even easier. 😊
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Why You Need These Sleeves:
"The Ultimate Anti-Theft Protection."
A Few More Reasons You'll Love These Protective Sleeves:
  • STOP WORRYING ABOUT IDENTITY THEFT - Use only the best identity-theft protection so you can keep your data safe while travelling or at home.
  • THE ULTIMATE ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION - These effective anti-scan cases will maintain your privacy and keep credit card and passport thieves from making you their next mark.
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY - Built with durable, tough RFID-blocking material so they won’t wear out from daily use… and still fit perfectly in purses, wallets & cell phone cases for both Men & Women.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED (AND MAKE GREAT GIFTS!) - Custom designs that look great inside and outside of your wallet or purse. Also included: a convenient slot to label your cards!
  • 100% ZERO-RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you don’t LOVE these, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.
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